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Husain Abdullah received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for praying on Monday. [Yahoo]

This is probably going to be a big deal tomorrow. The NFL can’t do anything right this year.

it is a big deal, how many times has tebow kneeled down? Has he ever been penalized? No. Bullshit. Then they have the audacity to be calling it excessive celebration, screw the NFL. Let a white Christian male kneel down and protect his ass, create a movement and call it tebowing, but once a Black Muslim Male does it, it’s flagged. IT’S ALL FUN AND GAMES UNTIL IT’S NO LONGER INVOLVING A WHITE CHRISTIAN MALE BUT RATHER A BLACK MUSLIM. LOAD OF B.S.

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If you find no one to support you on the spiritual path, walk alone. There is no companionship with the immature.

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أيُّ وجعٍ تحملُه هذه الصوره ؟ أيُّ حديثٍ يُترجم مَ يقوم به هذا اليتيم ؟ 

Reaction after seeing a photo of his deceased father

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  09/30/14 at 01:38pm

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too true

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wtf is chai tea. why are u saying tea twice.

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whenever white cooks on tv say “asian” it really pisses me off. what part of asia is your recipe from? malaysia? bhutan? japan? cambodia? y’all know 16 different french sauces but can’t name what kind of chinese/indian food you’re making. 

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  09/30/14 at 02:14am

Just because you took longer than others doesn’t mean you failed.

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fool me once, shame on you.
fool me twice, shame on you again for continuing to exploit my sense of trust. trust is not a weakness and should be respected, not taken advantage of.

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I feel. I feel a lot. I feel a certain nostalgia for the gone days, the past moments, the smells of my childhood. The dreams of my teenage . I yearn to have one more chance of living in that old house , laughing with the same old people , seeing my father’s eyes shine like old times . I yearn for a lot of things and it leaves me broken at heart, it leaves me sad.

My problem was that no one ever needed me as much as I needed them.

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  09/28/14 at 01:12pm
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Anonymous asked: Your Arab aren't you? Have you ever dated a terrorist


nah I’m not into white guys sry

  09/28/14 at 01:10pm
  • me: wow i finally understand math
  • moves on to next question
  • me: what the hell is this
  09/28/14 at 01:10pm

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Anonymous asked: salaam gorgy!! ok so idk if you answered this before but im a new follower and i LOVE your brows. i dont do mine either but i like how full and even yours look. mine dont look like that. can you reveal your brow routine? do you bleach some hairs or fill them? thanks!!


Awww hi there :) I don’t do my brows but I wax in between them and my forehead but I leave the hair above and below my brows alone. I fill them in with ABH duo brow powder in granite with an angled brush :)

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